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gadgetman 12-06-2005 08:04 PM

Do some phones have defective BT radios?
I can't link up with Acura RL. It pairs OK but keeps disconnecting. Other people can link up with their Acura RLs with no problem. I see a few other people having problems with other types of cars, especially Audis, and with some headsets. One person can't link up his headset with the 8700, but another person can link up that same type of headset with no problem. In other words, the same equipment yeilds inconsistemnt results. Is there a pattern here which indicates that there may be some defective bluetooth radios?

barjohn 12-06-2005 08:29 PM

It is certainly a possibility. However, you need to keep in mind that you need the year as well as the model since the manufacturers change the units from year to year by changing the hardware or firmware they use. Just knowing it is an RL is not enough you need to know if it is the same year and manufactured near the same time period. I was told that Uadi, BMW and Mercedes had been tested to work. They didn't have the year info.

DJJeffT 12-08-2005 03:47 AM

I have a 2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE with the factory installed BT/PTI.

The 8700 pairs up nicely, but at times when I dial from the HH, it won't inititate the car kit and I have to pick up the HH to talk.

Resetting the 8700 seems to work.

I tried my 7100t and my wifes Pink Razr and they work like they are supposed to.

Would this be a software issue or could I possibly have a bad BT radio? What steps should I take? I think I have eliminated the car kit as a problem, just need to know if it's sw or hw on the 8700.

Should I reinstall the sw first?

I am still in my 30 day window with Cingular, so I guess I could ask for a swap. Is there a # there to escalate this swap without dealing with the Teir 1 droids who could not even get my online account working yesterday?

TIA for any help.


barjohn 12-08-2005 08:49 AM

I doubt that it is a deffective Bluetooth radio but you could check by seeing how it works with a headset. More than likely it is a software issue. I fully expect that the next release will have some fixes and add additional compatibilities. Obviously, it is difficult to test a device with every vehicle and model of Bluetooth used in each vehicle and unfortunately the Bluetooth standard has not been as solid as it needs to be. I see these devices as showing having passed the Bluetooth standards testing and yet not being compatible. Makes me wonder what kind of testing they do. Remember this device has Bluetooth 2.0 so there are definite differences.

gadgetman 12-08-2005 09:56 AM


I am struggling with a similar issue with my Acura RL, as you know. I had my car checked out yesterday at Acura. They did a diagnostic and said that there's nothing wrong with the car. I tried my 8700 in another Acura RL and it worked fine. My 8700 works fine in other cars and with a headset. So there is only one thing left to try. Exchange my 8700 for another and see if it works. (There is no logic in this. It's just that it's the only alternative not yet tried.)

I went to Cingular and they said if I exchange it, I have to keep it. My 30 day trial period will end. I said but it's defective - why should I lose my right to cancel within 30 days? They said too bad, that's the way it is. I asked them if I could try another 8700 in my car which was outside the store. They said no. Also they said they didn't think it was defective as it works with a headset as they demonstrated to me.

barjohn 12-08-2005 10:17 AM

The fact that it worked in another Acura RL would tend to point to your vehicle over the unit but you might try another Cingular store and see it they will hold yours while you try the store unit in your car. My guess is that your Acura does not have the same firmware as the other car you tested in and the dealer either doesn't want to update your firmware or cant.

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