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s.tamanna 01-05-2010 02:50 PM

3rd Party application/Firewall issues (Twitter)
Ok, this is a tricky one, but I believe if I can't get the answer from you guys, there ain't an answer.

I had twitterberry running on my BB8800 earlier, I upgraded the OS and then tried to re-install the application. It worked for a few days, but then there was an update, when I installed it, I am facing issues trying to view tweets on it. I keep getting a pop up which says " The operations in this application are not allowed by the IT policy of your device" or something to that effect. I can send tweets, however, I cannot view anything.

I also tried to download Ubertwitter but that's even worse, it just gets stuck at the page that wants to verify account information.

I have tried to do everything, checked the application permissions, granted permissive access and possibly everything else, but just not happening..

Can someone help me on this one please.

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