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elmalemg 01-19-2010 11:13 AM

Get the APN from another phone
well this is my issue:
i have a motorola i760 on my local IDEN carrier (not USA).
with that phone i am using mini opera, send and recive SMS and of course make regular phone calls.

i recently bought a 2nd hand unlocked BB 7520 from USA.
after inserting the SIM i get the "NXTL" all in capital
and i am capable of making calls and walkie talkei.
i can't send and recive SMS and i can't connect to the internet.

well, on my i760 i can do both.
what i want is to be able to do that, i am not interesting in the BES capabilities or Push mail and etc.

So, is it possible to extract the setting from the i760 and to set them on the BB?

i have my i760 CP, i just don't know what line is contaning this data.


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