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philparis 04-18-2010 08:24 AM

Stuck with my 8830
Hi to all
forgive me if i ask for already answered questions, i am new on this forum (as new as my BB !)

I bought my 8830 Verizon World edition unlocked from a "professional" chinese Ebay seller.

Here are the system and software data of this smartphone:
System version: (Platform:
Kernel Version:

I have several problems.

1/ i am using a Mac computer with a 10.4.11 OS which forbids me to use the actual Destop Manager which is suitable only for OS 10.5 and later (Intel machines)
Maybe some of you know where i can find an older version (for PPC Macs) of this Desktop Manager ?
Or am i obliged to use a PC to perform any task with this phone ?

2/I dont have any BB plan of any kind with my carrier (Bouygtel in France) and when i tried to set up a POP account i only had the choice between an Enterprise server and the skipping of the email setup. If i change the software on the phone (i currently have been able to download the 8830uAMEA_PBr4.5.0_rel138_PL3.4.0.7_A4.5.0.101 Version of the system)
will i have the choice of the POP account setting up ? (if i succeed in installing it !)

I must say that i use an Android phone for the moment (Huawei) and that the email setup was a breeze. BUT it is not a very good phone for calling that's why i wanted to have a wellknown standard of the industry as a BB

3/ when i insert my SIMcard, i am not able to download the contacts from it into the address book. It says "SIMcard access error"
The strange thing is that when i insert my former carrier SIMcard (Orange) it is working (but when i change back the card to the previous one, all contacts disappear because i have to remove the battery)
Is there a workaround for this ?

4/ the Opera browser is in Chinese, can i find a french or English version for free somewhere ? or does the BB have an embedded browser itself?

5/ where can i change my phone number identity (for the moment i see an american number showing up saying that it is my number when i try to place a call) ?

Thanks a lot to those who will try to help a newbie like me !

Philippe in Paris, France

MidnightDraven 04-18-2010 08:32 AM

1. There is only the one version of DM for Mac, as its relatavily new, and does not offer all the abilities of DM for PC.

2. No. You need a Blackberry data plan to setup email on a blackberry.

4. go to opera mobile site to have a look, though im not sure how you get in on the phone without a data plan. And yes, the BB has a browser, but without a blackberry data plan, you won't be able to use it.

Dubdub 04-18-2010 08:49 AM

1. Try PocketMac or MissingSync. Use Google to find a download link.

2. You have to have a BB data plan for email, BBM, AppWorld and many other apps. An OS upgrade has nothing to do with that.
What do I need a Data Plan for? - BlackBerryFAQ

Have you activated the phone with your carrier?

philparis 04-18-2010 11:05 AM

Thank you both for your quick answers.
Too bad for the DM and Mac systems, i think i will have to reboot my old old PC (i just hope it will still be working !)
I read on a french BB forum that my carrier can activate the "BB" option for free as i already have a plan with illimited Internet, email and sms access(even TV on the cellphone !); my only concern is if i will still be able to use my android cellphone email system when i want to.
Just a question: what will change on my cellphone when this plan will be activated, will i be able to setup my two POP3 accounts ? (in other terms will a pop account option become available after this activation ?)

I already installed PocketMac and Missingsync but they are only good for Syncing not for system upgrade or software install, or am i wrong here ?

Does anyone have any hint about the SIMcard problem ?

Philippe in Paris

MidnightDraven 04-18-2010 11:07 AM

yes the option will become available once the correct data plan is activated.

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