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jackier 01-03-2006 09:12 PM

Outbound mail account selection on 7100i... PLEASE HELP
I just got my 7100i last week, and finally got my business email set up on it, along with my personal email. I just found out from Nextel, that there is no option to select which email address I am sending from. They told me that I need to pick my "sent from" account on the BlackBerry Internet Service website, and go with it. This is not acceptable to me, and I figure there has to got to be some kind of work around. Both email accounts are POP3, no BES.

How can I send email to both business and personal contacts without business contacts getting my personal address or vice-versa?

You all are very creative, please share with me how you've overcome this problem. Is this specific to Nextel? or to the 7100?

My friend has a different model (not sure which one, but it's them more traditional size), and he has the ability to select which outgoing email account he's using. I'm not ready to settle... If I can't come up with a solution it's got to go back!


martin_j001 01-04-2006 08:07 AM

You can use a third party app that allows you to set the "reply to" address for outgoing emails as a different address, but thats about it. If you were to move one of your accounts to a BES, then you could choose which account to send from, which may be what your friend has. Other than that, you could go into BIS/BWC and change your "sent from" address when sending emails, which would be a PITA. You could always look for another third party email client as well, and then use BWC/BIS for personal and third party client for business, or vice versa. Those are really your only choices....

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