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crv8530 07-16-2010 04:25 AM

new curve wiped, help!!
hey everyone,
earlier today i went out and decided to go get myself a new phone after my last plan just ran out, i made the smart(?) choice of going with a blackberry.the only problem being when playing around with my new phone and trying to personalize it so i set a password, apperantly i misspelt what i was trying to make my password twice (?!?!?!) and the phone got locked.
now i tried to unlock it and figured out that i couldnt get it and the phone got wiped...seeing as i got the phone today i havent made a backup yet and now when i turn it on it seems to not be activated by my service provider(telus) anymore because where it shows the signal strength it says off?
please help asap as i am going away in the morning for the weekend
thanks in advance:-(

i forgot to add its not a workphone so i cant do that whole email recovery thing to get it back

penguin3107 07-16-2010 06:06 AM

The wireless radio is turned off. You just need to turn it back on.
Click the Manage Connections icon, and check-off Mobile Network.

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