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BoBrown 08-20-2010 04:11 PM

Transfer Picture onto 7130G
My wife has quite an old 7130G which she uses purely as a mobile phone. There are a number of Jpegs in the pictures folder which she uses for wallpaper and all I want to do is to add a picture of our grand daughter to the folder and use as wallpaper.

I have a USB cable and rather naively thought that I could simply copy and paste a photo. the size of the jpeg is about 117kb as opposed to the average of about 8kb. Size perhaps does matter in this case but it still doesn't explain why I can't get to the phone storage. I have downloaded version 6 desktop manager onto my wife's laptop and her phone is clearly recognised by the software but when I try to add a picture it says "your Blackberry device is not compatible with this feature.

Even her bluetooth indicates only headset and and handsfree. Can anyone out there help me even if it is just to say it is impossible

Regards Bob Brown

NJBlackBerry 08-20-2010 04:54 PM

Mailing it to her BlackBerry is the only way I know...

aiharkness 08-20-2010 07:09 PM

Of course email is out since no data plan. MMS? I don't -- never have -- used MMS so don't know how to work it with pictures, but I think that is your only option, if you can somehow send it to the blackberry's number, and MMS is working on the blackberry (which I also don't have a clue).

But there's no accessing main memory with DM 6. Don't know if you would be able to access an older model like that with DM5 and the media manager plug-in or not. I sort of doubt it. Maybe someone else knows.

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