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mvas 06-27-2012 06:02 AM

Reactivate to a new BES

Our email server crashed and we had to reinstall it from scratch.
So, we had also to install a new Blackberry Enterprise Express Server (the old one could not connect to the new exchange server).

Now everything is ok with the server.

However we can not restore the old settings to our blackberries.

We have a full backup of the blackberries (contacts, memo, calendar, phone options ...).

The problem is that when we restore the contacts (thw memo and other options as well), it does not syncronize with outlook.

So we can have the contacts in the blackberry, but we can not synchronize them with outlook.

I have to mention that in the 'Contact options' of blackberry, there are two contact lists. One with the contacts that we restored , and one with zero entries of contacts.
The first contact list has 'wireless synchronization' as 'not available', while the other has 'wireless synchronization' turned on ("yes").

How could we restore the old contacts (and other settings), and synchronize with the outlook ?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

dc/dc 06-27-2012 09:23 AM

Re: Reactivate to a new BES
This is the wrong section.

knottyrope 07-27-2012 02:12 PM

Re: Reactivate to a new BES
ever get this fixed?

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