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Fumetsu 02-10-2006 06:33 PM

Cingular Service + 8700c = Cancelled
Well, my time with a blackberry was short.

Coming from a TMobile Sidekick 2, I was looking forward to all the great features of the 8700 and receiving i thought it was going to be great, but so much trouble with the data plan through Cingular has prompted me to cancel my service with them after 4 days and send back the phone.

I was so much more satisfied with T-Mobile. They have great minute and data plans, and I rarely had a coverage issue with them.

I dont know at this point whether or not I will go back to a Sidekick 2, another Blackberry (7100?), go with a Treo 650 or wait for TMobile to issue an 8700c, but I would like to thank the moderators and users of this site for attempting to help me through the problems I had.

It's a great community, and hopefully I'll come back to it someday. :)

Mark Rejhon 02-10-2006 07:05 PM

Sorry to hear your Cingular experiences were difficult; and we tried to help;

Rumors say that T-Mobile is going to announce the 8700 sometime in April. Keep tuned. In the meantime, you may just have to make do with a Sidekick. The Treo is also a nice unit in many ways, but it is a totally different feel than a Sidekick or BlackBerry. Personally, as a heavy duty chat device, the Sidekick 2 appears much better, while the Treo has much more email software options available.

Unless your main usage is just a phone, I would not suggest the 7100, since that model is much slower than a Sidekick and the SureType is a frustrating transition for someone already used to Sidekick QWERTY keyboards. Sidekick users found it easier to transition to a Treo or a full QWERTY BlackBerry.

lgreenberg 02-10-2006 07:21 PM

What sort of problems did you have?

richard371 02-10-2006 07:22 PM

I got my 8700c unlocked for $45 and it works great on tmobile. I do not like Cingular at all.

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