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Default Using both Treo 650 (Sprint)& BB 8700c (Cingular)

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Since I am an employee of Radio Shack I have both Sprint & Cingular employee plans.
I've been using the Treo 650 now for about 8 months and just recently added the 8700c to my arsenal for Cingular (about 1 week).
The Treo is an outstanding device...lucky so far with almost no resets that quite a few people have to endure. So with that in mind I will give an honest opinion between the two.

Call Quality: 8700c wins here. Although the 8700c's microphone is a bit sensitive as it picks up all background noise. Both devices do get a bit static with conversation (most likely the carrier & the area) but less with the Treo 650 on Sprints network.

Volume: 8700c wins here again (out of the box). Volumecare on the Treo 650 does help tremendously, but of course, an added expense for the program. Speakerphone much better on 8700c as well.

Messaging: 8700c wins with e-mailing (of course) but text and mms messaging goes to the Treo. Easier one-handed text messaging on Treo and layout much easier to read. 8700 better with 2 thumbs; 650 better with one thumb. Had no trouble learning the Keyboard on the 8700; was typing/sending e-mails with lightning speed.

Screen: Kind of a toss-up. I prefer the brightness (and the adjustability) on the Treo as well as the resolution and the touch-screen. But the 8700c is more soothing to the eye and not quite as stark? as the 650.

Construction: Treo wins here. Much better feel and solidity. 8700c feels a bit cheap. Don't know if it's the lighter weight of the 8700 or quality of plastic but the Treo just feels better constructed.

Connectivity: Well...I am a mac user so it's get a bit muddled here. Pocketmac worked just fine for the 8700 except it put my home addresses as work addresses on the BB (trying to sync both Entourage & Address book from the mac). Address layout on the 8700c look to archaic also* I can toss things back and forth from the Treo & Apple with no; ringtones; documents; information with both sync cable or bluetooth connection. Don't like having to use a webhost to get photos & ringers on the 8700c.....Ridiculous!!!

Bluetooth: Hard to judge here. My Treo is fine connecting to my computer & headset with BT. Headset quality with Treo connection is quite staticky. The 8700c connection quality is much better but for some reason, Maybe Someone Can Help Me Here......, The BT headset will not make the connection to the 8700c when a call comes in. I have to take the BB out if it's case and push the "talk" button to make it connect to the headset. Not all the time, but most of the time.
And of course, I cannot transfer data with 8700c bluetooth. Very Dumb.

Browsing: Very, very nice on the 8700c!! Edge is what makes it! The Treo on Sprint does not have EVDO, so the 8700c does win here. It is such a pleasure to use the BB's browser.

Overall: I could go on & on....but I will wrap this up. Using both devices I really can't decide. They are both GREAT tools!! I prefer the add-on functions for the Treo (voice dialing, GPS, MP3 player & so many other Palm apps) where the BB is quite limited in comparison. Even when I use PocketExpress on both; I prefer the Treo's handling of this program. More user friendly I guess.
However, I feel more confident carrying around the 8700c. I know that with what it does do; it does it better. Not to say either is better or worse. But the BB knows it's limitations. The Treo tries to do Everything and in the process falls a bit short but very valiant in the effort.

So if this helps anyone with a buying decision between the two, I hope this helps a little bit.
You can't go wrong with either one. I am very happy with both and find myself torn every morning trying to decide which one to take to work with me.
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I found myself in the Verizon store messing w/ the 650 and the 700w today. Everything seemed complicated for some reason. Probably a familiarity thing, but what usually takes me two or three scrolls w/ the wheel + a button or two...took me a few too many taps on the screen w/ both Treos. Actually, the 700w was worse, with Windows Mobile. It seemed to have a healthy featureset, but I think RIM has the upper hand here with UI, IMHO.

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