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n4wwl 02-24-2006 09:53 PM

7100g folder display
My 7100g defaults to displaying all messages in my inbox and sent folder together, arranged in chronological order. Until recently, I could view just my inbox, or just my sent messages, or just my other folders individually by clicking on "view folder" in the drop down menu and choosing the folder I wanted to display. Only those messages in that folder would then appear.

Yesterday I had to do a hard reset by removing the battery -- the unit froze attempting to access a web page and I couldn't clear it. Even removing the battery didn't work. Finally, it cleared on its own. But now I can't view my messages by individual folder. When I choose "View Folder," then "Inbox," it says "No messages" and nothing is displayed. Same for every other individual folder. Yet it displays all the incoming and sent messages in the default viewing window just fine.

Anyone know what happened or how I can reset it so I can view only inbox messages, or only other folder messages by using the "view folder" option?

Responses to [email address] would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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