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stonevilleictetea 04-01-2006 10:40 PM

AOL instant messenger
Where can i go to download AOL instant messenger for the bb?

Also, how can i text message?

coreyg510 04-01-2006 10:45 PM

First of all, welcome!

There are great programs that utilize AIM.

As a heads up, searching first will save you time as sometimes it takes longer to receive a response than finding results of a search. Welcome to the forums

cada0310 04-02-2006 07:39 AM

I just installed Ramble IM last night - it's free and works with AOL IM. Works like a champ so far, although I haven't used it much yet. Link is here:

I can't put up the link, since I'm a forum newbie - but just google "Ramble IM" and you'll find it. :-)

SMorganPhoto 04-02-2006 07:42 AM

I like VeriChat

TWGhost 04-03-2006 02:05 AM

is there anyway to get VeriChat for free? =X

brmcguire 04-03-2006 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by TWGhost
is there anyway to get VeriChat for free? =X

Unfortuantly, Verichat requires a license key to even operate (outside the trial). You can't share one as well. It looks for it when logging on and will kick off the other while doing it.

JGargas 04-03-2006 03:48 PM

IM+ from ShapeServices (can get off of Handango) is great. It allows you to use multiple services at once (AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc...) and be logged on in more than one location.

IM's were VERY fast. Very close to being on the computer. It's not free ($45 one time) but you should try the trial. If you use IM alot, this is definately worth it!

TWGhost 04-11-2006 02:26 PM

i end up liking IM+ more than Verichat, and i think Verichat charges you $45 per year subscription also......

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