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daveamaya 04-04-2006 01:09 AM

8700c msn,yahoo,Aim google talk messaging on cingular
hi everyone im new to the Blackberry world. I just got my first blackberry (8700c). I have been looking around the forums to see if you can install MSN, YAHOO, AIM and GOOGLE CHAT for messaging. I'm on the unlimited data plan with Cingular. Can someone help me out here. Thanks ahead of time.


Seattle18 04-04-2006 01:44 AM

Use the search technique to find your answers. There are MANY threads in here about that issue. Search for IM+, verichat, webmessenger, yak-on, etc.

faaltoo 04-04-2006 06:47 AM

Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8700/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/102)

Try IM+ or Verichat... They both are good. Verichat cannot do Google chat though. But Google chat is available free also.

RemyJ 04-04-2006 08:38 AM

The latest beta of Verichat does Google Talk.

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