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bberryjfk 04-11-2006 10:49 PM

Caller ID Blocking via Car's Bluetooth?
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Posts: 1 Caller ID Blocking via Car's BuiltIn Bluetooth???


I have an 8700 and a new Infiniti 2006 M35x w/ Built in Bluetooth. Although i think i have my 8700 handheld set properly to block my phone number on outgoing calls (and it does when not using my in car system), for some reason when i use my car's bluetooth to place the call it shows my number on recipient's caller id ...Thoughts? Help?

Bounce 04-12-2006 12:52 AM

best thing for you to do...when you are programming the numbers into your car...program *67 and then the number....this should take care of your problem...or alternatively....what you could do is dial from the phone, and then turn on the handsfree link to your car....

btw, nice car -- i looked at that, but then i decided not to spend as much and got a TL instead ;-)

bberryjfk 04-12-2006 11:01 PM

Great ideas...Thanks - I'll try it out! Also - thanks for nice car comment. i also looked at TL and it was a close call for sure.

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