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ollywompus 04-13-2006 10:01 AM

7105t comes today! Couple of questions...
Ok, so i'm pretty stoked because my first BB, the 7105t, will be here today from T-mo. I had a couple of questions for you all, since T-Mo's documentation is, well, sparse at best.

1.) I noticed that there are two downloads available through for the blackberry... one being the updated Desktop software, the second being what appears to be an OS update. However, I've seen a lot of people talking about OS 4.1 on here, while the update from T-Mobile is marked as Can anyone tell me what the difference is... and if I should be using 4.1, where to get it?

2.) I'm a linux user, with the only place I have a Windows machine being at work. I read a post (somewhere, not on here, probably on HoFo) that someone had said you can't USB charge the BB because there aren't any Linux drivers... can anyone elaborate on this (or confirm or deny it at the very least)? It seemed odd to me, since most devices will still draw power from the USB port, even if there aren't the drivers in the OS to support connections to them (my mp3 player, for example, has no native Linux support, but will still trickle charge via USB).

Thanks for all the help, looking forward to getting this thing up and running! I've been using Symbian smartphones for almost 3 years, so this is quite the transition.

Thanks in advance,


cybermikey3 04-13-2006 10:12 AM

go here and load the version for the 7100g it will work fine its just updated and stuff
4.1 CSL
and then go here and install the zen theme, i did it ota from the blackberrys browser and it worked fine for me, the zen theme is so much better than any that your tmo comes with -Zen theme and just another helpful tip when you want to get ringtones go here

ollywompus 04-13-2006 10:38 AM

Thanks for the info on where, anyone have anymore info on *what* has been updated?

Also, any answers on the linux questions?



dulcamara 04-13-2006 10:44 AM

My 7100g charges on the linux partition of my laptop, but does so very slowly. I can keep it going forever with overnight charges.

cybermikey3 04-13-2006 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by ollywompus
Thanks for the info on where, anyone have anymore info on *what* has been updated?

Also, any answers on the linux questions?



everything is updated, everything should run smoother and faster

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