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roveer 04-19-2006 01:00 PM

7100i that can sync to web based calendar?
I'm considering moving to a 7100i on my Nextel network and want to know if I can do the following, first a little background.

My company is small and we all have various pop3 accounts with our broadband ISP's This is something I am considering changing as we grow and eventually hosting e-mail inside under a company domain name

We are all using outlook express and don't do any sort of calendaring, but have a need to.

I came from a large Novell Groupwise installation that had full calendering and scheduling so I yearn for those days.

Is there a web based calendering solution that would allow our secretary to put appointments on calenders that we would then get on our 7100's? If not, I would consider alternatives.

Is BES for Outlook or Groupwise affordable for a 1-3 user environment?

Any other ideas? I'm thinking web based scheduling because it would be easy for our secretary to place things on our calenders and if you've seen Yahoo, they even let you e-mail url's that will let others see the "public" side of your calender. Seems like a good idea. I dont' see any way to sync with yahoo (wirelessly) Am I wrong?

Look forward to insights on how to get calendaring on a 7100i.


roveer 04-21-2006 07:42 PM

I'm guessing by the lack of responses that calendaring from a blackberry to a web based calendar is not possible. I did read something about Yahoo and Google looking into it. I think I'll look into Outlook and possibly a BES server. If it does what I really want a couple hundred bucks to host a server would be money well spent.



Steve66 04-24-2006 12:51 PM

Apparently there is open standard for syncing information called "SyncML". From what I've read, it's extremely common in Europe and comes built into a lot of cell phones there. I know of one vendor who is adding SyncML capabilities to their groupware application so it can be used with the BlackBerry, but perhaps you can already use it with another calendar system. Do a google search for "syncml blackberry".

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