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nlk10010 04-19-2006 04:46 PM

DTMF Tone Transmission Speed ?= Key Rate
I've been enjoying my 8700g but one problem is the speed with which the DTMF tones transmit. Basically, it's sort of the opposite of the problem I often had with my 7100t: the tones are sent too fast and on some calls don't activate the response. My office VM sort of buffers them (most of the time) but my home VM just doesn't respond.

Should this be controlled by the Key Rate option? I've tried changing it from Normal to Slow but it doesn't seem to make much, if any difference. If not, is there another way to handle things (aside from inserting a 2-second pause between each tone)?

Searching for key+rate or "key rate" doesn't get me anything and key rate gets EVERYTHING. :)



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