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eric0668 05-12-2006 02:37 AM

does this go in the BBF review section??
If it does, I am sorry. Only saw reviews there. (what is BBF)

Anyway, I supposed to get an unbiased opinion, for those of you that like Cabriolet cases, would you recommend Vaja , Fortte, or Krussel.

I think Vaja has the screen cover I like
It is very tight and not a good hole for the escape button

I think Fortte is just fine. The tab that holds it in looks great, but not having one, like the Krusell would make it easier to access
Read one review, not on here, where he said it was hard to use in the cabriolet. I think that was a biased opinion who wanted to use his opinion out of the case and prolly wanted a pouch or holster.

Krusell is good too. Best value. Not available in other colors.
the top with no tab makes easy access, but the tab on the Fortte looks great

I would like to know what you recommend. From what I read about the reviews, I think it would be:
1. Fortte (if you look at the navy blue or have seen it, it does not look navy. Do you think it is actually navy, i.e. darker than that royal blue. I would like it if it were darker)

2. Krusell

3. Vaja. Normally given the highest reviews in the book style, but with the extreme tightness, didn't get good reviews

d_fisher 05-12-2006 07:43 AM

BBF = BlackBerryForums

The review forum has limited access. Visiters can view, but not create new threads. You do have the ability to reply to threads once they have been created. We do this to keep all the general BlackBerry questions out. If someone posts a good review in another forums one of the moderators will move it to the Review forum.

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