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kameonr 06-26-2006 10:43 PM

8700g Plan Question for T-mobile users
I have been trolling the boards looking for a straight forward answer...called T-mobile and got an answer, but what little information i have found about the topic online it....suprisingly enough...conflicts with what T-mobile has told me. This is where i turn to you if you can.

I have the 8700g with T-mobile (as mentioned above), and i was wondering about the instant messenging services they say is an included feature with the blackberry. When you go to t-mobile they have a seperate section on how to get it and question is...since i have the "BlackBerry Unlimited w/Enterprise Email Add-on ($29.98) " this service free as in "data" or does it use "SMS" in which i will be paying a price later if it is heavily used.

After getting off the phone with T-mobile they told me it is included and is considered "DATA" and not "SMS"....yet around the forums i get conflicting type conversations on the topic. anyone here using the service and is it free (meaning part of the current plan i am already paying for)? Or am i missing something....i have submitted the question by email to T-mobile as well....and will post my answer here if i dont get any response from you further help others on the topic.

thanks in advance,


EricaJ1074 06-26-2006 11:03 PM

The data included in the BlackBerry plans is unlimited meaning you pay one price for unlimited email, browsing and 3rd party applications. The only difference in price is that 2 of the plans (there are a total of 6) do not feature voice minutes and 4 do have voice minutes.

The unlimited messaging is for unlimited text/picture/video messages. That bundle (which I have) is $14.99 for a single user or $9.99 on a family plan. There are 2 other bundles that have 400 messages for $4.99, and 1000 messages for $9.99.

Hope this helps.

idealist 06-26-2006 11:09 PM

I am on TMO also and went thru the same issue. I ended up downloading BB Messenger to make sure that I was using "Data" instead of SMS. Besides who wants to talk with anyone who doesn't own a BB?

Go to Options> SMS> Network to send over- Click trackwheel> Change to GPRS> Save. if you can send SMS messeges with that setting, you can use the OZ messenger and not worry about extra charges.

Good luck, it seems that it does not work for everyone.

phillyslickster 06-26-2006 11:36 PM

Wirelessly posted (7105t: BlackBerry8700/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100)

I use it and to my knowing, it uses data. Now, here's the kicker! I was on the phone 2 days ago and I received messages from someone on my aim part of the included instant messaging service. I have the unlimited data with bes just as you do, but I also have unlimited text messaging. I haven't seen any increase in my use of text messages either. Feel free to ask more questions if you like.

Google Talk phillyslickster

BB Messenger 23d5c930

mistWalker 06-26-2006 11:37 PM

I had a similar issue. I think or rather they have given me the impression that Instant Messaging via Yahoo, MSN, etc. uses SMS. I do have an unlimited messaging package, so I am covered, just in case.

phillyslickster 06-26-2006 11:40 PM

I'm going to follow up on this, but I was told it uses data. Yet, I was shocked to have received the messages while - was on the phone, which has lead me to believe that it possibly does use sms. Like you mistwalker, the unlimited sms has me covered.

mymitsu3kgt 06-27-2006 12:11 AM

The OZ Aim client that come with the BB from TMobile most definately uses SMS messages. TMobile also told me that AIM was included in the data plan but I am 100% positive it uses SMS messages because I had $24 in SMS charges after one month. If you want an AIM client that uses the data plan, try a third party app like RambleIM or Verichat.

tprime 06-27-2006 12:45 AM

When I first bought my 7100t I called Tmo and asked them if AIM is included in the data plan and they told me it wasn't. So I opted for unlimited text for 9.99(family plan). That helps because I know some people who tell their friends not to (sms)text them or dont 'IM' because it uses up their text messages.
You could try and wait for your bill but I wouldn't. Like someone already said try ramble. It's free and works better than that OZ IM anyway.

azbbusr 06-27-2006 02:19 AM

I have $59 1000 and mail plan. When I log in to mytmobile web site plan I have unlimited messaging, and email listed separately. SMS is unlimited under the messaging part I would assume. I will have confirmation when I get my first bill.

azbbusr 06-27-2006 02:29 AM

( Start Date: 06/14/06 - End Date: 07/13/06 )
Feature Time
Period Type Included Used Remaining
Text Messages Whenever Messages Unlimited 3.0 Unlimited
Call Forward Conditional Whenever Minutes 500. 0.0 500.0
Free Minutes Whenever Minutes 1000.0 55.0 945.0 remaining
RIM Blackberry Whenever Megabytes Unlimited 13.67 Unlimited

Here is breakdown from call detail header.

Shows text messages unlimited as well as BB plan unlimited.

phillyslickster 06-27-2006 06:04 AM

From my previous experience, Verichat works best from the third party apps. Ramble doesn't have an audible alert for 7100 and 8700 series and it signs itself out automatically.

I guess since I have unlimited sms that I've never really noticed, but I also haven't been using the oz client a lot.

MI_Jester 06-27-2006 11:45 AM

There is a lot of confusion about this and I have had to work quite a bit the T-mobile to get it worked out for several people here.

The OZ messenger that comes with the phone uses SMS.
Google Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger downloaded separately do NOT use SMS.

BlackBerry Add-On plans do NOT include free SMS
BlackBerry plans (such as BlackBerry Minutes and Mail) include free unlimited SMS. (but you can not add unlimited Mobile to Mobile to it)
BlackBerry Business plans vary in the number of SMS messages allowed, the one I am currently using includes 500.


kameonr 06-27-2006 03:21 PM

Thanks for all your help and responses....

To help matters further, i swung by T-mobile this morning...since i did not get a response back from the Email your question to T-mobile part of the site.

He told me....My plan as listed above comes with 300 messages...i was already paying $2.99 for 300 text messages so he said that would add with my 300 through my BB plan so i have 600 text messages (explained it different but thats the way it works.

He also confirmed what many have said here....the OZ chat client DOES use SMS so for all those wondering from now on.....the homework has been done.

I dont really need AIM or Yahoo...i want MSN, but i want to use MSN like my google talk and RIM Yahoo messenger works....i tried emsn but you have to stay logged in and slow on send and recieve....dont think there are many other free clients out there that work any better....or?

thanks again to everyone!!!

Chinasaur 06-27-2006 04:58 PM

Sounds like you are still being fed BS. I have T-Mobile BIS so here are my 3 rules:

1. If ANY T-Mobile people tell you anything that sounds good, or to good to be true, then it isn't.

2. Make anyone who gives you an "offer" or "great deal" put that in the Notes section of your account. Then call back and verify the note is actually there. Get names and ID #'s EVERYTIME you are negotiating a contract. Good advice any othe time too.

3. Trust ONLY the contract you have printed out in your hot little hand. If it ain't on there...don't trust what anyone says.


Wishdemon 06-27-2006 05:10 PM

After reading this forum about a week ago I called t-mo and asked if I had unlimited text messages because when I logged into my account online it said I did. The t-mo person confirmed this and I had them put it in the notes....just as a side note, I got my 8700g from if that may have made the difference....its the 8700g with 1000min and the unlimited bb plan.

kameonr 06-28-2006 10:24 AM

To add insult to injury....i swear....i finally got my email back from T-mobile....and here is yet another response that differs from what was said at the T-mobile store (which he confirmed with a phone call)


Dear Mr. Keeling:

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile with regards to how you will be billed for Instant Messaging. My name is Tammy and I am happy to assist you with this issue.

I understand you would like to know how you will be billed for Instant Messaging. I know how important it is to have this information before you use this feature.

Instant Messaging is billed the same as Text Messaging. If you have a plan that includes text messages the usage will first be deducted from the bundle you have. The charge for text messages are $.10 each (for lines without a text bundle or when the bundle has been exceeded). To send an International text message you will be billed $.35 each. Incoming Internatiional text messages are deducted from any bundle on the line or $.10 each.

I am happy to provide you with general information. The Blackberry Unlimited with Enterprise email does not include any text messages. If you do not have a text bundle on your line you may want to consider adding one.

We have three money saving text message packages available:

Message Value Bundle 400 - $4.99 per month, this provides any combination of 400 domestic text or picture messages (in/out).

Message Value Bundle 1000 - $9.99 per month, this provides any combination of 1000 domestic text or picture messages (in/out).

Message Value Bundle Unlimited - $14.99 per month, this provides any combination of unlimited domestic text or picture messages (in/out).

As a benefit to our customers your can change your rate plan and features online.

- Log onto
- Enter your mobile number and password.
- Click on the Plans and Services Tab
- Click on the Change Plan Tab
- If you would like to change your options click on the Add or Change Services Tab.
- You can then select the plan or features you would like.

You can also add a bundle to your line by calling Customer Care or by responding to this email. If you choose to add one by email please remember to verify the account and include Case Number 1823613 in the subject line.

To check the amount of text messages used dial #674# and send.

Our goal is to provide you with World Class Customer Service. If we can assist you with anything else please feel free to contact us at any time via email,, 611 and send from your handset or toll free at
1-800-937-8997. Have a nice day.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile services we appreciate your business and loyalty.


Tammy H, 7246627
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA
Dont you just enjoy that they all know everything about everything and yet know nothing :)

skyflayk 04-13-2007 09:06 AM

So if the oz client counts as sms and 3rd party apps are DATA then does jivetalk count as a R
3rd party app? Meaning its free? Right? Tmobile is very sneaky..

takeshi 04-13-2007 09:13 AM

You need to verify this on an app-by-app basis. There's no universal rule that makes all third party clients data. A developer could certainly create an IM app that uses SMS.

jimispier 04-15-2007 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by skyflayk (Post 508656)
So if the oz client counts as sms and 3rd party apps are DATA then does jivetalk count as a R
3rd party app? Meaning its free? Right? Tmobile is very sneaky..

I am sooo glad I got rid of the stock IM client then.. I am using jivetalk as well.. In my opinion it is the best multi-client messenger out there.. ;-)

burriqui2001 04-23-2007 05:50 PM

One insteresting question...Can OZ masseging work with OS 4.2.x.

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