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ivalerio 07-18-2006 11:33 AM

8700 not being recognized in WinXP
Good Afternoon All,
I just ran into a new issue. I previously removed an older version of the Blackberry desktop client software from my machine, and now I'm having trouble having the new software recognize my device. The device is fine as it is recognized on my other machines but not my primary.

I'm thinking that maybe the previous software is still installed somewhere but I even killed it from the registry. Any ideas on how to completely uninstall software so that I can get my 8700 in action.

NJBlackBerry 07-18-2006 11:44 AM

How to perform a clean unistall -

Good luck and welcome to BBForums.

ivalerio 07-18-2006 11:57 AM

Thanks NJBlackBerry...!

Ok, I tried everything on that page. Looks like it still doesn't want to be recognized. :-(

I'm thinking I might have to rebuild.

NJBlackBerry 07-18-2006 11:57 AM

Can you try a different USB port?

ivalerio 07-18-2006 12:10 PM

Hey NJBlackBerry..
Yes, and I even tried all the USB ports in the back as well. I can view it in the connections tab but I'm not able to access it.

I'm asking myself why I removed the previous software as it was already working fine :-(

I hate upgrades :-L

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