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whitehurst 07-19-2006 09:26 AM

Preserve Battery Life with Bluetooth Headset
Ok, based on the poll I placed here:
...showthread.php?p=269014#post269014 (it won't let me paste the URL)

I bought the Plantronics 640 headset, yesterday. I figure I will try it out and take it back if I don't like it.

I am just curious of how to preserve battery life (for the headset and the phone). I have an 8700c.

When I am not expecting a call - I assume it is best to leave the headset off. Is it also best to turn off Bluetooth on the phone? And then activate it (and turn on the headset) each time I want to use it?

When I get a phone call, will I be able to easily activate bluetooth and transfer the call? (I guess I just escape back to home screen, turn on bluetooh, then turn on headset and press the button to transfer the call)

The question mainly is, is it worth turning off the 8700 bluetooth - does leaving it on hurt the 8700 battery life, much?

BTW, my Plantronics came with a dead AAA battery - haha, good job guys!


biellos 07-19-2006 11:06 AM

to answer your question: yes, turning off BT on the BB and headset will definitely save your battery life.

That said, its such a hassle to turn it on each time i get a call (for me, personally) that I leave mine on all the time. The battery on the BB will still last for at least a day and I just make sure I charge it each night.

I read on another post that someone set their BB to auto-shut off each night, say from 1AM to 7AM - that way, if they ever forget to charge the BB, it won't be running all night. Seemed like a good idea.

As for the headset, the talk time will drain the battery quite a bit, but the stand-by time should be sufficient enough to last a full day. Its a judgement call, I don't always leave my headset on, but if I do, i just have to make sure I charge it each day.

sbennett 07-19-2006 12:37 PM

Thanks that helped me too.

mymitsu3kgt 07-19-2006 01:34 PM

You can set a convenience key or a shortcut on the home screen to turn the bluetooth on and off.

wibbly 07-19-2006 02:19 PM

Well, I have to say that using Bluetooth on my 8700g doesn't seem to affect battery life all that much (maybe 5%-10% difference on what's left at the end of a working day.)

For what it's worth (in case it makes any difference) I use a Jabra BT500 with it, and leave the 8700g in non-discoverable mode. I think the Jabra is quite intelligent at least conserving it's own power. I don't use the phone *all* that much, but I've only had the Jabra complain it's battery was low - after a week's use - on one occassion. My 8700g (with Bluetooth enabled) typically shows 80 or 85% full from full charge at 7am, to end of play at 7pm.

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