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mirateck 07-20-2006 09:54 PM

Questions from a true Blackberry novice/newbie
i purchased a TMobile MDA last weekend and I absolutely hate it. i wanted so bad to like the device, but after so many hours with tech support to get email synced and wi-fi working i've decided that it's just not worth it. its way too slow to pick up reception after i hop out of the subway and the processor is crazy underpowered. its like trying to run windows xp on a pentium 90. it crashes when more than 2 programs are open and i can't get the AIM client to sign in. voice quality is marginal and the keyboard is counter-intuitive.

that being said (apologies for the lengthy rant), i'm returning my MDA this weekend and exchanging it for a Blackberry 8700g. i like the sleek form factor and dark blue paint job. i can live without a crappy cameraphone and seldom used multimedia options that hog system resources. all i need is push email (gmail and my work email), AIM, simple PIM applications and an EDGE speed browser. i'm looking forward to my new toy but i have a few questions that i hope this community can answer:

- the company i work for is quite small and is not BES equipped. can i still have my work email pushed to the Blackberry? what features other than wireless syncing do i lose by not having a BES-enabled server?
- are there 3rd party programs available to allow wireless syncing with my work Outlook contacts & task list without BES?
- can i sync my device (via USB) with 2 different computers? for example, i want the phone to sync with my work computer to keep my contacts up to date and also sync with my home laptop to update my rss feeds every morning.
- is the OZ AIM client (included with the 8700g) a capable messaging client? i was spoiled with a sidekick for some time and every other mobile AIM program that i have worked with since falls short by comparison. many of my business contacts are on aim so its essential that i'm connected for heavy messaging back and forth.

thanks everyone. i'm looking forward to my new 8700g

Cocooningweb 07-24-2006 12:16 PM


I can't help you about the BES since I have the internet service, but I can help you on the other questions.

- If your company has uses pop email accounts, then you don't need the BES, but I would doubt that's what you have there.

- You can sync you BB with two different computers. I sync it with my home and work laptops and it works just fine. Your business contacts and calendar will also be copied onto your home computer and vice-versa.

- The OZ Aim is decent. I also have a 8700g from T-Mobile and used it for a while and I liked it. The interface is by far the best I've seen with all the emonicons. The only thing I didn't like about it is that you can only connect to one messaging network at the time. I wanted to be on AIM and MSN so I installed GoogleTalk. GoogleTalk is free and allows you, with a little of work, to connect to just about anything. I'm now on AIM and MSN simultaneously. There are lots of threads about instant messaging you might want to check it out.

VickyPaz 07-24-2006 01:02 PM

Hi, I have an 8700g with TM and love it so far! I also work for a small company so we are not on BES. I have an earthlink email and it only took me a few minutes to set up. I have a MAC computer at work and though I have downloaded pocketmac for bb (it was free) I haven't even used yet. I was not concerned in syncing my contacts at this point.

However, the way it works for me is that if I get an email to my BB, it also goes to my Entourage email account on my work computer. If I want to delete an email on my BB I have the option to delete on my BB AND email account it will OR I can just delete on my BB and it will still come in on my work computer when I receive mail in Entourage. It will come in as an unread message though, but again it hasn't been a problem for me.

Sent emails from my BB do not get synced to my Entourage but that hasn't seemed to be a problem for me. However, there may surely be a way to do that I just haven't checked. I don't know much about IMing as I don't use that.

You will LOVE your 8700g though. Be sure, when you're settled with your BB, do download Berry 411. It's so cool, you look up a restaurant, etc. it gives you an address/number and you can call right there. No need to call 411 anymore. Lots of other cool features on the BB too! Good luck and enjoy!!

cellguy 07-24-2006 02:53 PM

I know it's not popular but I use the redirector which works well enough. We do not have a BES either or POP so really my only choice.

takeshi 07-25-2006 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by mirateck
- the company i work for is quite small and is not BES equipped. can i still have my work email pushed to the Blackberry? what features other than wireless syncing do i lose by not having a BES-enabled server?

You can't create or accept/decline meeting requests from the handheld. You can't perform GAL lookups. No intranet access via the browser. There are probably a few other items as well but they aren't readily coming to mind.

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