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brewha51 08-20-2006 08:49 PM

I have to connect to the internet to view a message???
Why is it that I have to go to to view a picture that's been sent to me by someone who has a cameraphone? I of course have an 8700c, and am wondering if someone could help out with what is hopefully an easy answer.

Also, does the 8700c also have a feature that beeps or somehow reminds you with a sound if you've missed a call or a text?

Thanks in advance.

VickyPaz 08-21-2006 11:48 AM

Hi there,

To your first question I can only think that perhaps the person sending you the pic is on a different network and that's the only way you can view pics from them? I get pics sent to me in a text message but that's coming from someone who is also on my same network. You should call your provider on that.

As for the notification reminder. I believe there is a way you can have it notify you of a missed call/etc. once but not continuously. The blinking red LED is used for that. However, on - there is a program called Missed Call Notifier that you can buy that might have that function.

Good luck.

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