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feetjay 09-27-2006 05:48 AM

8700 synchro problem outlook calendar
Who can help me!
With my 8700bis I am trying to sychronize outlook. My contacts, task and notes are sychronizing perfectly (USB cable) via desktop manager but the calendar is not working. On teh monitor you see that the PC and BB are synchronzing the calendar but nothing is placed in the BB. The intersting thing is that when I synchronize with my IPAQ the calendar is synchronzing perfectly.

Who knows what I am doing wrong?

takeshi 09-27-2006 08:00 AM

Have you checked the folder settings in Intellisync? If they're correct, delete your Outlook profile and createa new one.

planetpeck 09-27-2006 08:57 AM

Also check to see if you calendar has any appointments with attachments. Mine choked on synchronizing 930 appointments, but when I removed the two appointments with attachments, it synched with no problem.

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