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oldspice 10-08-2006 05:44 PM

8703e, Telenav, and call quality
Anyone using the 8703e with Telenav actively pinging the satelite to give directions have any call quality issues? I was driving on the Interstate last week while using Telenav and took a couple of calls. The calls were pretty choppy, but I was very close to notoriously bad signal section of the Interstate, so it could've been a coincidence.

Just checking to see if any of you have experienced any issues while using the phone and Telenav.

Need 10-09-2006 12:27 PM

I don't have a 8703e, but I am using 7130e with Telenav. I got the same problem with call quality while in Navigation mode. The other person could hear me fine, but the voice on my end was all chopped up.

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