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tabish89 10-09-2006 12:29 AM

Saving/Archiving SMS Messages
Can someone help me in backing up the SMS/Text messages saved on a Blackberry 7100t to a readable file on my laptop computer. I want to be able to keep them long after I decide to upgrade my phone to a newer model.

Like the Palm Treo 600/650/700 (I know mention of it here is probably blasphemous :-o), the HotSync process backs up a file by the name Messages_Database.pdb to a subfolder in the 'Program Files' folder on the c:\ drive, for which I formerly used a ultility name sms2csv.exe to extract data and present its contents in Microsoft Excel. I am looking for a similar solution for the text messages that have accumulated on my 7100t.

theBorg 10-10-2006 11:59 PM

There is no straightforward way to do that that I know of. You might be able to use the developer's JDE.

BlackBerry JDE

You might be able to extract the SMS with something from the kit... Though it will be a hack. Be careful, you could royally hose your device with this kit. Back everything up before trying anything in case you need a complete re-install (including OS).

Silly that this feature isn't straightforward.

Good luck,
Let us know if you figure it out.

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