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westbound-on-olympic 10-10-2006 06:21 PM

Lotus Notes w/ 7130e
Hey all. Noob here. I've done a search but to no avail. I have some specific questions:

First let me say I have a Sprint 7130e. Love it. I'm trying to sync my LN email. My company does have BES, but it is reserved for execs; I do not have access to it and they will not support my BB. Having said that, I am trying to work around my IT folks.

I'm trying to set this up via BIS, but the setup asks questions I do not have answers to. Other than asking my IT dept, is there a way for me to find out what my mail server's address is? Also, how do I know if my notes email is POP or IMAP? Is there a way to find this info out from within lotus notes? Or from within DOS for that matter?

I can create a new rule in LN and forward my LN email to my BB email acct, but this would not be ideal. Another issue I have is that I carry my laptop in my car with me all day, so using a internet-connected software application is not an option.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, I'm using Lotus Notes 6.5 (Release 6.5.4)


penguin3107 10-11-2006 07:15 AM

Lotus Notes is neither POP nor IMAP. Your Domino administrator can enable these features on the mail server if they choose to, but there's a high probability that they are turned off by default. Your network admin would also need to make provisions in your company firewall to allow POP and/or IMAP access to the Domino server.

Maybe it's best that you preserved your employment by not trying to hack the company you work for.
If you're uncomfortable asking your IT department for assistance, then perhaps you shouldn't be doing what you are trying to do.

westbound-on-olympic 10-11-2006 08:41 AM

Penguin, thanks for the reply. I did ask my IT and it is something they do not support. I'm not really sure I would consider this a hack. All I am trying to do is have my work email forwarded to my BB, which ultimately would make me a better, more productive employee.;-)

I guess I will settle and forward the email to my BB acct.

cjhp 10-11-2006 09:43 AM

In case you were not aware. If you set a rule in Notes to forward the email it is server based so it will forward even if your client is not connected. Sorry you are not able to get a connection on the BES server :-(

To get your server name you can look in your location document. You can access this in your notes client down at the lower right hand corner. Usually by default it says office. Click here and select edit current. Then go to the Servers tab. Your server name is listed in Home/Mail server. However, this may not be the DNS name.

Does your company offer the webmail interface for lotus notes? If it does then typically the address for this service would give you the DNS name for the server. You could always try adding this to BIS and seeing if the POP or IMAP protocol would work. Unless they have specifically turned these services off when setting up the server they will be running. The name and password would be what you use to login to webmail. It could be the same as your Notes password but they are NOT synced by default.

BEWARE--Attaching to the server using POP or IMAP will show in the server logs so if they are monitored your actions will be seen by whom ever reviews the logs. As well as any logging that is done on the Company firewalls.

You might want to talk with your supervisor or take the BES admin to lunch and ask if you could be included on the BES server.... There is almost always a spare license or two laying around until needed...

skovac05 10-11-2006 10:31 AM

i recently got my 7130c and put my Lotus Notes email account from the company that i work for on my bb. well i think it was causing problems so i tried taking it off and got on my bb email accounts online and deleted it well its still on my bb and i even go to advanced setting under service books and its not there. but the icon is still on my main screen and im trying to get rid of it but there is no way i can delete it because my bb is not recognizing it and either is my online email accounts that are set up. and i am not receieving emails to this account either its just sitting there as an icon. any help on how to get rid of this?

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