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HRH Trouble 10-12-2006 10:42 AM

7130e *no entries found*
We are using the BES Express for Exchange 4.11. Out of 10 7130e users, one is having problems with his addresses.

Normally if you enter the first couple of letters of a name, the matches will appear and you can select the one you need in the address book. Or if you were about to compose an email, in the "to" section, you can do the same.

For one user, no matter what he types, it says "no entries", and he has to manually scroll through over 200 entries to find the one he wants.

I called technical support from Aliant (Bell Mobility) but they couldn't find the problem and suggested I replace the device. But I think the tech just gave up too easily.

Anyone have any suggestions?

HRH Trouble 10-17-2006 01:08 PM

Update: I realized that the entries that this user couldn't find were the ones in distribution lists that he set up in Outlook.

I'm only assuming that anyone in one of those lists that he saved in his BB but not in Outlook, still won't be found in a search unless he also puts them in the main Outlook contact list.


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