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backspacer 12-22-2006 01:07 PM

BES issues
I am using BES with

Under the Email Reconciliation Option on my 8700c, the settings on my phone are:

Message Services: Desktop
Delete On: Mailbox & Desktop
Wireless Reconcile: On
On Conflicts: Mailbox Wins

When I delete messages on my phone, those messages still appear in Microsoft Outlook. Also, when I delete on my phone, the messages never appear in the Deleted Items folder on my phone. They are just gone.

This is not the case for my Microsoft Outlook. When I delete in Microsoft Outlook, the messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder. Those messages deleted in Microsoft Outlook still appear on my phone.

Even when I move messages from Microsoft Outlook to an archived folder, the messages still appear on my phone.

When I move messages (on my desktop or my phone) to different folders within my Inbox, the messages are moved to those folders on my device or my desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have been troubleshooting this with mailstreet to no resolve.

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