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beprahst 02-09-2007 10:39 PM

8700 Rebooting when paired with Jabra JX10
Whenever the 8700 connects a phone call, the call never goes to the headset and then the bluetooth connection with the Jabra drops. When I hang up via the handset, it says "Waiting for Jabra", then "Connection to Jabra failed", then it actually does connect (two way arrow on the 8700 display). Then when I try to dial again, the 8700 reboots! I have TMobile device software version Played around some more and another reboot!

Any Suggestions?

beprahst 02-11-2007 04:51 PM

Left an email with Jabra, but the wedbsite says the devices are compatible. I stop in at a TMO store. The guy had an 8700 with the same software version. He paired up with my Jabra. It failed the first time, but no reboot on the second try. It actually worked on the second try. So we paired it back up with mine and it worked! Not sure why since I tried several times deleting and re-pairing. So right now it works fine. Sounds good too! But the only thing it doesn't have is a MUTE function/button. Several others like the Nokia and WEP200 have mute functions. But both have less battery life and no USB charging. So i guess there isn't the perfect headset out there yet. I'll have to think about how important a MUTE function is.

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