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AWSOM50 02-16-2007 05:43 AM

8707g or 8700g
Hi, I am planning to get a blackberry and I have spent the last day reading up all about them. I have previously owned pocket pc's but I now want to try something different.

My problem is that I can't find anywhere what the difference between an 8700g and 8707g is?

Both are free on contract, which should I get?

Also is it worth waiting for the 8800.

I plan to use it for push mail and phone calls mainly.

Thank u very much.

NJBlackBerry 02-16-2007 06:22 AM

Welcome to BB Forums. RIM maintains a "comparison" web site where you can check out the two side by side -

The 8700 is EDGE (works well in North America); the 8707g is a 3G device - faster data network, but does not work as well in North America (where the 3G network is on a different frequency). Actually, it barely exists.

TwoThumbs 02-20-2007 10:47 PM

Go with 8700 or wait for 8800

I own a BlackBerry 8707v and I use it in Australia. It has a UMTS 3G connection capability, which means it can connect to 3G networks in Australia, Japan and some European countries. However, before you get too excited about a 3G BlackBerry, I've found that my BlackBerry isn't very good at 'falling back' to GPRS when the 3G network has a poor signal strength, which is in a lot of places in Australia.

Also, the Qualcomm chipset in the 8707 device is noticably different in performance to the Intel chipset in the 8700 and other BlackBerry devices. From my experience this affects download and display processing speed, as well as (I suspect) phone call quality.

Overall, if I had to choose between a 8700 and 8707 device I would choose the 8700 for the Intel processor. Factors that might make me reconsider this recommendation are:
if I was going to visit Japan frequently; or
I wanted to use the tethered modem capability of the 8707.

However, data plans for the 8707 from my carrier are so expensive that I haven't used the 8707 for its tethered modem at all.

If you're not in a hurry I'd wait for the 8800 to be released...

I hope this helps.

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