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spongebob 03-14-2007 08:38 AM

Outlook-8703e-How To Change User Fields?
I am trying to change the user fields on my 8703e as well as in Outlook 2003. I want to change the words from user Filed 1 to Owner:. I tried to find where to do it in Outlook and couldn't find it. As well as in edit in Address book on 8703e. Can this be done? If so, how can these changes be made on both? Also will it sync? Appreciated, thanks.

fzfrank 03-14-2007 09:20 AM

You have to do 2 things:

1. Map the fields in Desktop Manager. I forget the exact commands, but I think it's one of the advanced options under "address book" in sync options. That will allow you to map 4 Outlook fields to User1, User2, etc. on the Blackberry.

2. Change the field names on the Blackberry. Just open any contact, select "Options," "Edit" then scroll down to User[ ], select "Options" then "edit field name."

If you want to add/customize fields in Outlook, that will add another step.

spongebob 03-14-2007 05:47 PM

Fantastic, thanks. Could someone direct me how to change it in Outlook 2003? Appreeciated.

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