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Rose 04-03-2007 07:59 AM

Highligt Focus
VerticalFieldManager vm = new VerticalFieldManager(VerticalFieldManager.NO_HORI ZONTAL_SCROLL | VerticalFieldManager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL|VerticalF ieldManager.FIELD_LEFT);

label1 = new LabelField(" ",LabelField.FOCUSABLE);
label2 = new LabelField(" ",LabelField.NON_FOCUSABLE);
label3 = new LabelField(" ",LabelField.NON_FOCUSABLE);
BitmapField bmF = new BitmapField("Bitmap",BitmapField.NON_FOCUSABLE);

vm.add(bmF );

On selecting (ie Focus)since only one labelField is focusable its only get highlighted.. But i wanna highlight all the items when that label get selected..
(ie) Instead of that one LabelField i wanna highlight
the entire verticalFieldManager itself..
But i cant find any successful way .. I tried overriding the nextFocus and drawFocus method also as mention in some other threads.. But still no use..
Can anyone experienced in this issue can help me .. Waiting for the suggestions.

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