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tflats99 04-08-2007 12:35 PM

BB Sync Issues with Outlook (Oracle Collab Suite)
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I'm looking for a little assistance trying to configure sync between BB 8700 and Outlook.

NOTE: My company does not support BB... hence my posting here. There are a few renegades that have them. We have figured out how to use filters to push the emails to our BB's, but that's as far as we've been able to go.

Issue: My company uses Oracle Collab suite... which uses a connector tool for outlook to sync email, address book, calendar, etc between email server and users local machine(FYI: must be connected through VPN to send/receive).

When I use the BB DM to choose my sync settings with outlook I get the following error: "The file or database name associated with MS Outlook is missing, invalid, or points to a file of zero length. Use the Browse button to locate the file or database you wish to use with this application." I think that this is result of the data sitting in some protected area that only the connector tool can access.

** PLEASE see the attached screen shots for reference (if the above didn't make sense :) **

What I've tried:

1) When I browse, the only folder that appears is my local folder (where I store emails I don't want to keep on the server). I tried creating another "local" folder containing my contacts, but it wouldn't show up within the BB DM tool screens.

2) I tried to sync just using a exported CSV file containing my contacts, but couldn't find a place within BB DM to import the file.

I understand my options are pretty limited, and recognize that this is a custom workaround. I'm open to pretty much anything... even if it involves syncing with another app first... and then having BB sync with that "middleman". Any free apps to do this with (outlook express, etc)?


tflats99 04-11-2007 12:49 PM

any help??? I guess I'm looking for ways to get around the system here... perhaps another app the be in the middle?


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