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Strider 04-28-2005 06:05 AM

Intellisync hanging at record no. 402
Dear All

not sure if you encountered this before.

I am using 7100v, BB desktop 3.6, windows XP prof. Outlook 2000

since I installed plaxo 2.0, I started having problems, that was also during the time when my total contacts increased to over 4200.

I have tried many things, to de-installed plaxo, I still have the same problem, which is that the intellisync would stop to move at record 402 during the last step of syncing (namely, it went through it all to compare, after confirming the total no. of records to be synced).

Please help, any insight, lessons learnt? or suggestions/ advised?

I thought maybe upgrading the BB desktop to v.4 would help, but sadly, after downloading it twice from, during install, it tells me that it is an upgrade for MSN messenger!

many thanks

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