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IanR 06-26-2007 03:48 PM

I have been trying to download this. Followed the steps on the mobile site. The application downloads okay but when I move to step two, it goes through the download process then I get this error... "Lexspell British English wordlist download failed. 907 Invalid COD. Unable to import zip file".

Any ideas folks.

Thanks in anticipation

Ian R

gdpmumin 06-26-2007 04:01 PM

I know you said you're using the mobile site, but I would just want to make sure you are. That error message is one you get when you try to download a zip file (obviously) instead of an OTA file.

I just tried it to see if perhaps Beiks had posted the wrong download. But I would assume if that had happened they would have heard about it before now. And my British download attempt showed a proper jad file. I didn't actually go through with the download because I don't need the British file.

IanR 06-26-2007 04:07 PM

Thanks for your reply.. It is definitely the mobile site and yes it is listed as a jad file along the top of the screen when loading. In fact i tried it on my pc without downloading and it is definitely a jad. Still getting the same error.

IanR 06-27-2007 12:48 AM

Can anyone else help?

IanR 06-28-2007 02:33 AM

Just to close this post I thought I would post the solution I found in case anyone else has the same issue. Turns out somehow the problem I was having was because I was using the vodafone browser. As I have no other on the BB then the mobile download was scuppered. I found however on the beiks page an option to get a PC download by sending my e-mail address and was then sent a link for an .exe download.

I then successfully downloaded onto PC then onto BB via desktop manager.

Lexspell looks great and after a couple of days if things are still okay I will gladly pay the $10 registration.


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