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Siffleu 07-05-2007 07:47 AM

MSN Messenger problem with 8830
Got few 8830 with the new feature of MSN Messenger...

can't connect it, said y need a service book..

I got my BES.. never see any option that sound like the problem I have here..

no IT policy at all..

anyone got the same problem ?

mikejaret 07-05-2007 12:36 PM

new 8830 with msn messenger?

wtf are you talking about....

Siffleu 07-06-2007 07:29 AM

the 8830 have a official msn messenger client built in....

cdw5510 07-06-2007 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by Siffleu (Post 591267)
the 8830 have a official msn messenger client built in....

Built in Microsoft Messenger. It has BB Messenger?

Steve-hose 07-06-2007 08:30 AM

Bell Mobility offers MSN, it doesnt work on Sprint and the other carriers probably. They all have BB messenger I think.

Siffleu 07-06-2007 01:51 PM

bb messenger and msn messenger...
once I log on, it say it need a service book..

Siffleu 07-16-2007 06:57 AM

after accepting term (3$/month) after installing live messenger you ALSO need to call the carrier to get the subscription..

more than 48h I received the service book.. and it's working now

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