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Big Yellow 07-05-2007 08:49 PM

Two Quick Questions
Hi All-

I tried searching to see if either of these questions had already been covered but to no avail. I apologize if they have been but I'm at a loss as to where to turn for futher info. Anyway, I have a 8830 BB from Verizon:

1) When I am in an application, say the internet browser and hit the end key to return to the home screen and then reopen the browser later it opens to the last page that I was at (I have the internet options selected to open to the home page not the last page visited). For example if I was in changing some of the settings it opens to that page. The same thing happens with all the other apps not just the internet browser. It's as if you were working in Windows, multiple subfolders within the My Documents folder, closed the folder you were working in and then reopened My Documents only to end up opening back up to the same sub folder you were in instead of the main My Documents folder that you clicked on. I've tried everything possible to find a way to change it so it opens directly to the main screen (first page) of each app when I open it (after hitting the red end button) but the only way I can get back to the beginning of an app is to use the escape key until I get back to the beginning of the app. Any ideas?

2) Other than using the "Manage Networks" and selecting the "Turn off Data" option, is there an easier way to configure the BB so that when I'm sitting at my desk I don't recieve duplicates of every e-mail (one at my laptop and then one on my Blackberry) and have to delete each duplicate from by BB?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. I've only had my BB a week but sure am enjoying it!

mundyb 07-05-2007 09:16 PM

1) When closing your browser you should press and hold the Escape key if you don't plan to go back to the page you were just on again. When you open it back up it will come to your Home page.


There is plenty of good advice to be found here. Enjoy!

dc/dc 07-05-2007 09:27 PM

If you use BES, and connect your BB to your computer, you can change a setting in Desktop Manager that will prevent delivery of messages to your BB when connected.

DZD 07-06-2007 04:53 AM

Couple of shortcuts
Whenever I'm in an app and want to get out and close it, I hit the menu key and press C (for Close) then click the trackball. This will quickly close the app.

Regarding the duplicate emails, I don't do a thing, I'll get duplicates, but when I delete it on my desk PC, it gets removed from my blackberry. If the notification (that you got mail) bugs you, you can set your Profile to phone only or change your active profile to not generate an audio notification when you have new mail.

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