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Danwahoo 07-08-2007 12:01 PM

Plasmic Issues
I recently needed to sync, backup, wipe, and restore because my bb was running slow and the calendar was locking up. I got it up and running yesterday and tried to get my old theme back on. I got it on except it was a bit different then I used to have. There are 2 main issues, one which I remember having and can't remember how to fix it:

1) My theme is suppose to and did have 4 lines of icons, except now it has 2 and I cant fix it... anyone know what is going on here?

2) My text sizes are different. I know these seems easy but when I run Plasmic all the texts are synced under the same size. For instance, when I click messages they are all in the size that I like, then I open a message and they are to big. Any ideas?

The biggest pain to this is it takes my BB like 15-20 minutes to load up after I reload the fresh theme onto my BB so right information helps! ;-)


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