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mishycupcakes 07-11-2007 01:06 PM

Keyboard is MESSED UP - water damage :T
This morning, my Blackberry slipped into my sink w/ running water while I was brushing my teeth. Of course, the indicator turned red, etcetc. I thought my phone was going to be fine, considering everything was still showing up as normal. I sort of slammed it upside down against a dry towel to try to get out the moisture from the keys, but in the end, all my keys are misaligned. They still push down and function, but every key is now for a different key (if that makes sense).

Is there anything anything anything I can do besides purchase a new phone?

If the worst comes... can someone at least list some places besides AT&T / Ebay that sell cheaper Blackberries? ^_^"

I just played around with my phone a little, and it appears that some of the keys are returning to normal. Could this just be that my keyboard is drying? 0_o

John Clark 07-11-2007 01:15 PM

If it's not too late already....remove the battery and let the device dry out. Let it sit in a hot car, or any othe warm place. Others say you can put it in a baggie of rice. Whatever the method, leave the battery out for a few days. Don't get impatient (which you already have) and put the battery back in too early. Once it dries out it will likely still work (if it isn't fried already.) I did this with a battery dropped to the bottom of a hot tub so it's quite easy to revive them if you don't try and use them too soon after getting wet.

mishycupcakes 07-11-2007 01:48 PM

Okay, I am leaving my cell phone & battery out under a hot light. Hopefully I haven't already messed it up! T_T

JSanders 07-11-2007 01:53 PM

Sorry to hear this mishy.

Got Your BlackBerry Wet? - BlackBerryFAQ

Thatzmister2u 07-11-2007 01:53 PM

Trust me JC knows what he is talking about. I know the prospect of being with your phone for a few days seems painful but it's nothing compared to the cost of having to replace the phone if you chance booting it up before then. Unless money is no object then by all means! :)

mishycupcakes 07-14-2007 12:35 PM

So, I stuck in the battery today b/c it has been three nights, and the keyboard seems to be fine again. I took it out again just in case, but I'd like to confirm if that means my phone is okay?

JSanders 07-14-2007 12:50 PM

That is not a definite sign, but it could be a good indicator.

Some might say three days drying out is not enough, but it all depends on how wet/saturated the BB got in the dunk. It could work fine and you may not notice further problems for several hours. Does the screen look perfectly clear?

mishycupcakes 07-14-2007 12:58 PM

Yes, it does. I dropped it into running water, and I turned off the faucet right away. I'm not sure how wet it really was. I know that it was not completely soaked.

On the "Got Your Blackberry Wet?" page, it says "3. Let it dry in a warm place for 3 to 5 days* (see below)", but there is no "below" referring to it. :P so I wasn't sure how long.. haha

JSanders 07-14-2007 01:12 PM

The "below" refers to ideas of warm locations to place the BB during that time.

mishycupcakes 07-14-2007 01:18 PM

Ohhh, I thought there was supposed to be a time chart! haha ^_^" oops.

I suppose I'll leave it out for a few more days then. I guess I won't die...

But hopefully it was a good indicator, and my phone is on its way back to full health! :]

JSanders 07-14-2007 01:21 PM

It likely is a good indicator. The longer the better, as you say, until you can't stand it any longer, lol.

We're pulling for it!

John Clark 07-14-2007 01:59 PM

If it's not in a warm place then placing in a bag of uncooked rice helps too. My guess is that it's probably fine. I would give it another couple days just to make sure, though.

mishycupcakes 07-14-2007 02:03 PM

Do I put only the battery in the baggie? Or the phone as well? (I didn't have the tools to completely disassemble it, so I only have the phone, battery, and backing separated)

mishycupcakes 07-17-2007 12:08 AM

Sorry for double post-

I have used my BB the whole day today, and everything seems fine. Thank you so much for helping save my berry! <3<3

JSanders 07-17-2007 12:19 AM

Mishy, you are a wise and patient person. And your BB works because of it! Good deal.

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