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Euro_Dub 07-19-2007 01:51 AM

Total noob needs help with 7290

Im real new to this whole BB thing and just picked up a 7290 but have no clue how to use it since it was used and never came with a manual.

Is there a way of puttin in your own ringtones?? And how could i go about that?

Also everytime I call someone and then go into the Phone feature again there is a list of most recent dialed calls i guess and infront of the ones that i have in my address book it goes like this "Name (W) 1234567890" What does the W mean?

Any help would be great.


aiharkness 07-19-2007 04:44 AM

The W probably indicates the number the caller used is in your contacts as work number. You may see M for mobile and H for home in other cases, depending on what field you have the caller's number entered in your contacts.

On ringtones, do you have the Blackberry Help site in your bookmarks on the BB browser? Could be called something else on your 7290. Go there and follow links to download what you want that is available for you model. And someone else may post links to hosted pages where you can download, but I don't have any to recommend.

Oh yeah.....Welcome to the group!

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