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jsobota 07-25-2007 05:27 PM

Intellisync will not work on 7290 Windows Vista

I just installed DM on my notebook (Windows Vista 32bits, Outlook 2007). I worked fine, I transferred all my contact data to BB7290. Software is for Windows XP, not Vista but I did not find updates for it. But it worked fine, I did several sync tasks, no compatibility problems between DM and Vista. Later in the day I had to do a system restore due to problems with other software. Intellisync will not work since then. It says 'The Intellisync file is not valid'. Ok, I uninstall DM, reboot notebook. Intall DM again. It will show the same error message. I search in drive C this Intellisync file, no file is found. There is no Intellisync file in there. Why, this file should have been created while installing DM. Need help on this...tks!

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