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ianbranch 08-01-2007 12:37 PM

New SMS not showing in "SMS And MMS" inbox but "SMS Inbox" instead
I can't understand why my SMS messages no longer appear in the folder "SMS And MMS" on my device (8800). They were popping in there fine, and now they only appear in the "SMS Inbox" which you seem to have to navigate to by choosing the "View Folders" option from the "SMS And MMS" screen.

This is not a question about separating Email and SMS folders - I have that already and my SMS messages don't appear alongside my emails. The notification works fine (a separate SMS indicator at the top) but the SMS no longer appears where it did this morning. I didn't think I have changed any options and can't work out how to get back to where I was.

To summarise, I want:
Emails in the email inbox (happening successfully)
SMS in the "SMS & MMS" Folder which is the one I get to by choosing the envelope/phone symbol on the applications list (currently going the SMS Inbox folder)


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