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gr8guy 08-21-2007 08:10 AM

Help Needed From Experts!
Hello Guyz,

Iím newbie in blackberry, just bought my 8800 2 weeks ago and been exploring! I got 2 say that Iím surprised in a good and bad ways! I canít Believe that the 8800 doesnít read (Prefix) stored numbers! I do travel a lot and I keep my contacts with prefix I have noticed that names doesnít appear when I receive calls so I had to change my contacts by removing the refix so that I can know who is calling me!!! Iím also facing the opposite issue when I get an sms as I receive then with prefix and I donít get the name in my sms inbox!!!

Can anybody help??


JSanders 08-21-2007 08:18 AM

Set the smart dialing correctly:
Phone Dialer > Options > Smart Dialing: place your country code in this format "+xx" where xx = your country code. For example, for Great Britain it would be "+44".

Now edit out all those the country codes in your contacts of those in your same country.

Good luck.

AND, welcome to the Forums.

gr8guy 08-21-2007 09:12 AM

Not working :(
Hey JSanders,

Thanks alot for your reply!

Sadly it didn't work! i have my smart dialing as per my network but the issue is when i'm getting calls while i'm in town the numbers doesn't come with the prefix (Its pretty lame for blackberry that it doesn't read) I've been using pocket pc phones and regular cells and never faced such issue!

Now for me to know who is calling i have to go and remove all prefix the (+xx) from my contacts to that Mr blackberry can read it :x I just hope that there would be anyway to keep my prefix for national numbers so that i don't keep changing when i'm traveling!!!!

Cheers, and thanks again 4 ur help :)

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