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tijoev 09-12-2007 02:02 PM

Verizon 8703e Calendar/Address use in Bangkok
I am making a quick trip to Bangkok next week. I have an 8703e on Verizon. Since this is a non-GSM network, I know I cannot simply install a chip and have use of my 8703e; which is OK.

However, my thinking is that even though I will not be able to connect to a network I still should be able to access my 8703e's calendar and address functionality.

Is this correct?


Dubdub 09-12-2007 02:13 PM

You should be able to access what is on your BB device itself. That has nothing to do with connectivity.

Your phone is CDMA if you are on Verizon. I think GSM is the network of choice in Thailand. The 8707v works there from what I have been told.

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