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BruceE 12-30-2011 05:20 PM

Apple & Blackberry
Hello, I am new to the forum.Just ordered a BB Playbook. I would like to know if tethering can be done between the BB Playbook & a Iphone 3g. If so how would i do this?


tsac 12-30-2011 05:31 PM

Re: Apple & Blackberry
Welcome to the forums.

Read this link.

KB26141-How to setup Bluetooth Internet Tethering on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet 0 1923526608

penguin3107 12-30-2011 05:33 PM

Re: Apple & Blackberry
You would need to jailbreak the iPhone and use MyWi to turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot. Then the PlayBook can connect via WiFi. (As far as I remember, the native hotspot feature is only available on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Might want to double-check that.)

You won't be bridged, so your PlayBook will be pretty limited in functionality.
For bridging, you need a compatible BlackBerry handheld.

penguin3107 12-30-2011 05:34 PM

Re: Apple & Blackberry

Originally Posted by tsac (Post 1761533)

The iPhone 3G doesn't support bluetooth tethering.

tsac 12-30-2011 05:45 PM

Re: Apple & Blackberry
Just found that out. I did have it work on a 4.

amplealien 01-05-2012 07:37 AM

Re: Apple & Blackberry
I am new ,too .
But I can hardly get a PB.
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