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GoldenGod 03-30-2012 02:06 PM

Playbook Price
Hi. Does the 64 GB Playbook still cost 299 dollars?
If yes, does the 299 dollar playbook include a data plan which shall be payable separately?

I checked sites like shopblackberry, cincinatti bell, office depot, office max, radioshock, sprint, and staples, and they all say it still costs 299 dollars for the 64 GB version.

But my aunt who's in the US (I'm from Asia) told me that when she made an inquiry, they told her that the 299 dollar playbook includes a data plan, and that it would cost like 599 dollars if you buy without a data plan. I'm so confused regarding its actual price, so I'd like to ask the help of everyone who recently bought their bb playbooks. Thanks in advance! =)

Pazvanti 03-30-2012 03:47 PM

Re: Playbook Price
I am not from the US so I can't answer the question as someone from there can, but after searching on eBay (I bought a few stuff from there at good prices) the prices are in the range of 300$. A quick search on eBay should reveal the results. I can't post links yet so you will have to do it yourself.

stevetaz 03-30-2012 06:42 PM

Re: Playbook Price
The 64 gb playbook was more than double that price until the drastic price reductions in December.

There are no data plans as the current playbook is WiFi only.....

TROONORTH 03-30-2012 08:09 PM

Re: Playbook Price
The BlackBerry Bridge function allows all Playbooks to access the internet through your phone and therefore does not require a separate data plan.

GoldenGod 03-31-2012 12:31 AM

Re: Playbook Price
@Pazvanti: Exactly. I've seen a lot of sites sell the playbook for 299 dollars without any info on data plans and stuff so I got really confused as to why they told my aunt that the playbook costs like 599 dollars. Oh, and I'm not from the US so I cant call the stores for price inquiry. Sad. =(

@Stevetaz: Ah, that cleared that up. I was also thinking why they were insisting on the data plan when the unit I was trying to buy was wifi only. That got me confused a little but it's clear now. Thanks.

@TROONORTH: I dont have a blackberry phone though. Are you allowed to buy the wifi playbook separately without the phone or would they compel you to buy the wifi playbook with a phone.

Note: I think the store that my aunt made a price inquiry was Best Buy. I'll have to ask her about that coz Best Buy, based on research still sells it for 599 dollars. I'll have to ask her about that. Thank you guys for the replies!

stevetaz 03-31-2012 09:25 AM

Re: Playbook Price
Any retailer would be happy to sell the PlayBook without requiring the purchase of a phone. Having a BB Phone allows you to connect via the Bridge in addition to the WiFi connection method, but it is not required. If any retailer tells you that run the other way.

Since the release of the 2.0 OS the PB is much more usable as a stand-alone tablet.

I am surprised to see Best Buy still showing the $599 price. I got mine at Staples, but they show as sold out.

Shop around....

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