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hyedipin 05-02-2012 10:35 PM

No "Must have PB Apps" topic?
I was hoping to find some good suggestions on which apps to get, but looks like there is no such a thread.

I just installed
Air Browser *****
Billy's Hill ****
Bouncing Balls ***
Brainvita ***
Cunini ****
Don't Stop Now! *****
Doodle Blast *****
Fruits and Ninja *****
Kayak ****
Need for Speed
NFB Films *****
Nobex *****
Oanda *****
PewPew *****
Piano ***
Popcorn Rush ****
Power Pong *****
Radio 105TV *****
Rocket Storm ****
Run In Crowd *****
Slacker *****
Snow Bomber ***
Tetris ***
The Blot **
Tunnel Tilt **
Vevo ***
WeZap ****
Xploding Boxes *****
Pixelated *****

There are still bunch of stuff I got but they are not worth mentioning.

daphne 05-03-2012 01:05 AM

Re: No "Must have PB Apps" topic?
If you use Twitter, Blaq is a good app.
Shorten This! is handy for shortening URLs and you can copy/paste them easily.
New app that makes typing emails easier is Compose Email.
New musical app that that's cool is MorphWiz-Play
If you like stargazing, Whats Up is cool.
Groovy Notes is good.

hyedipin 05-03-2012 02:07 PM

Re: No "Must have PB Apps" topic?
Thanks for the suggestions, let me try them.

Just tried Sketch with Friends, it is pretty cool, I also installed a few others that I found in other sites, suggested by fellow PB users, I will post them after I take a look at how they run.
By the way, some of these I listed are sideloaded, but they run smoothly, otherwise sideload is really hit or miss in most cases.

If anyone has a good video player app that's free or paid but comes with trial please share. I am looking for a good video player with playlist/folder playback functionality.

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