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Bluffheights90814 05-15-2012 11:08 PM

Continuing Problem with OS v2.0.1.358 install
I have the PB attached to external power source, update is downloaded and installs. PB goes to re-boot and then NOTHING!

I get a blue-green indicator light while the PB is re-booting and then nothing! I re-start the PB and then I get the same message that I need to install the new update.

I understand the the update takes awhile to re-boot, but after an hour, it is still hung up.

Does the batter need to be at 100% charge? My next step is to keep the PB re-charging all night and attempt the update again.

Anyone else out there has had this same problem!


Bluffheights90814 05-15-2012 11:31 PM

Re: Continuing Problem with OS v2.0.1.358 install
I also get a solid blue led indicator after the PB goes to re-boot

aiharkness 05-16-2012 06:28 PM

Re: Continuing Problem with OS v2.0.1.358 install
I believe there is a minimum charge level, something like 20% if recall correctly. But you would get an error message to that effect if that was the case.

Unless it is obviously frozen, I would leave it until there is an error message or something. I don't know the significance of the blue LED. I searched and didn't find anything.

If it were me and leaving it alone isn't the solution, I would try doing a security wipe. That will cause you to have to go through the setup as if the device was new out of the box, including the device hitting the server to update the software. Hopefully that's the solution. If it isn't, then I would next try forcing an OS reinstall with the desktop manager.
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