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donsarlo 05-23-2012 07:39 AM

Difficulties setting up native email on Playbook
Very frustrated. Have Bold 9700 (OS6) and Playbook (OS2).

On Bold, through BIS, my work email (Kerio Connect mail server) sets up easily (IMAP, port 143, no SLS).

On Playbook, cannot get it to work. Playbook requires SMTP settings, and I've tried everything. Always get error message that the server cannot be accessed.

However, I can access company webmail application from the Playbook.

No luck bridged, Wifi, or tethered.

Blackberry support has tried, but has no answers.

Anyone else encountering this type of issue?

Any advice or work arounds?

Greatly appreciate any insight!

hrbuckley 05-23-2012 09:49 AM

Re: Difficulties setting up native email on Playbook
Have you asked whoever provides support for you company's, either in you company or at Kerio Connect?

My ISP is Cogeco and the only place I can connect to their SMTP server to send mail on that account is when I'm at home. If I'm away and want to use that account I'm required to use their web mail system. It is a choice they have made in how they want to run their servers. I get around it by running my own, or using Google/Yahoo etc.

BIS is handled differently than PlayBook native email. With BIS RIM will access your inbox using POP3 or IMAP for incoming mail, but handles outgoing mail through their own SMTP servers. So my Cogeco account works fine on my BlackBerry Torch wherever I am, but only at home with my PlayBook. Sounds similar to your work email.

donsarlo 05-24-2012 07:09 AM

Re: Difficulties setting up native email on Playbook
Thanks. Sounds about right. I have enquired with our IT support. They did manage to allow me to access the webmail client from the Playbook, but have been unresponsive re native email, although they use Playbook. I'll just keep pressing them I guess.

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